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I am the first in my family to have cancer. The fact that there is not a long genetic history is good, of course. I am 58, I have three lovely adult children and a terrific husband. My mom died a few years ago from Parkinson's; my dad is 84 and in great shape. His father lived to 98, so my illness has been a little tough for my dad. I teach high school social studies. I love teaching but it is consuming. Becoming a cancer patient/survivor means entering a parallel universe and there is no going back.

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October 1, 2009

Columbia, Maryland

July 8, 1951

Cancer Info

Thyroid Cancer

Metastatic Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

August 13, 2009

Stage 4

2.1 - 3.0 cm


Constantly waiting: for the next scan, the next labs, the next exam, the next results. Waiting never ends.

Still waiting for an epiphany.

Cervical and superior mediastinal lymph nodes

Johns Hopkins, Baltimore

December 24, 2009

I didn't recognize them as indicating cancer: some trouble swallowing, turtlenecks bothered me, a little hoarseness.

RAI Dec. 18, 2009, 154 mCi. Permanent damage to both parotid glands.


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